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Learn Magic Tricks

Ready to learn some cool, amazing, easy magic tricks?

Learn how to do magic tricks! We'll reveal the secrets behind some great sleight of hand moves! You can learn how to pull a card out of thin air, how to throw a card 50 to 100 feet in the air, make people believe you are psychic — and do spectacular card magic!

Whether you're looking for cool online card magic tricks, easy magic tricks or a cool coin trick. You'll find the best instructions here!

You'll learn magic tricks fast - including many pictures and detailed instructions - how to perform all the tricks. Everything including what to say and when to say it, the supplies, and the exact secret moves and sleight of hand required (The Secret).

Before you perform the card tricks and coin tricks, be sure to practice after you learn how to do the magic tricks!

Where else can you go to learn magic tricks?

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David Blaine, Lance Burton, Chris Angel Mind Freak, Steve Barry, Derren Brown and David Copperfield had to start somewhere right? Even Steve Barry Extraordinary did a few card tricks in his recent special. The tricks and ideas throughout this site should give you a great head start down the path. A famous magician once said "It's better to know how to perform one magic trick really well than to know a hundred." I can't stress this enough! After you've learned a couple magic tricks, before you move on to learn more, STOP! Go back to one of the tricks you have already learned and practice it more.

Don't just practice the sleight of hand, but practice everything - the timing, try out new wording and edit what you already say. Ask your friends for feedback. Try different approaches on different people and gauge the audience's reaction. Then tweak it even more! It's easy to learn, we'll teach you all of the beginner sleight of hand you'll need!

You might find that a carefully inserted dramatic pause, a funny joke, or just acting more surprised and excited will make all the magic tricks you do even more of a success! Soon, you'll be freaking people out with your mad magic skills.

Now here's a beginner trick. A little more advanced than some other magic tricks, but you'll use the skill for a lifetime. Don't you just love a website that just offers free magic tricks!

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