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Color Changing Aces


The red aces magically switch places with the black aces. Remember - good magic is simple!!


First, remove all of the aces from the deck. Set the rest of the deck to the side.

Show that there are four aces, and explain that two are red and two are black.

Ask a volunteer from the audience open their hand.

Set up the aces black, red, black, red.

Do a double lift (this is where you pick up the top two cards from the deck but hold them together so that they look like only one card).

Show these two cards as a red ace. Set both cards down on the packet and slide the top card off. Say "Red." as you place this black card into their outstretched palm.

Now slide the top card (red) to the left a little bit as you grab the bottom two cards in your right hand and show them as one. (Is this called a bottom lift?) Set both cards back down on the packet and slide the top card off. Say "Red." as you place this black card into their palm.

Place the other two cards onto the table as you say "Black." pause "Black."

Now for the fun part. Do something magical to make them think that you are performing some real magic. Wave your hands over the cards. Have them rub the cards on the table, or between their palms.

Now ask the volunteer to flip the cards face up. Of course they are black.

Say "If these are the black cards, these must be red." Flip over the red cards and bow to the applause. You've just performed the color changing aces!