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Card Magic Trick - The Jack Robbers


The four Jacks act as robbers who succesfully rob a bank (the deck) and make a miraculous getaway! Each jack goes into a different place in the deck, and as the police come, they all rise to the top and get away! This is a great beginner card magic trick!


First, prepare for the trick by removing the four jacks, as well as three indifferent cards. Position the four jacks fanned out in your right hand with the three indifferent cards behind the last jack.

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To your audience, this should look like only four jacks. (I hid those other cards behind the Jack of Clubs in this picture.)

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As you show the jacks, say "Let me tell you a little story about how the jacks robbed a bank. They parachuted to the roof of the bank late at night when the bank was closed." Place all seven cards (the four jacks, and then on top of those are the three indifferent cards) on the top of the face down deck. It should look like you just placed four jacks ontop of the deck.

Say "The first jack went to the basement and stole all the jewels." Take the top indifferent card and slide it into the deck near the bottom. Don't let the audience actually see this card. Remember that they just saw them, and don't make this sneaky.

Say "The second jack went to the first floor and stole all the money." Take the next card (the one on top of the deck now) and place it into the middle of the deck.

Say "The third jack went to the top floor and stole all the gold." Place the third indifferent card near the top of the deck.

Say "The last jack stayed on the roof and kept an eye out for the police". Pick up the last jack and casually flash the face of the jack to the audience. Make it look like this wasn't deliberate, and only show it so that they barely see it. (What we want to do here is create the impression that you showed them all the other jacks as they recreate this trick in the mind later.)

Say "Then the cops came! Lucky for the jacks, the last jack had a whistle and blew it as he jumped up and down on the roof." Illustrate this with the top jack by picking it up and having it merrily dance around.

Say "All the jacks rushed to the top and escaped into their helicopter:" As you do this, one by one flip over the jacks on the top of the deck and toss them onto the table face up. It is a little cooler if you can do this and make them spin a little as they land because it adds to the effect.

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