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What a Magic Trick is Not

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First of all, a magic trick is not a puzzle. In the audience's mind, they should not be thinking that it is just a puzzle that the magician knows the answer. An ignorant magician might claim that since the audience doesn't know the answer, they are "tricked." This is not magic.

Magic should make the audience twist their minds in amazement. Successful magicians make sure their magic tricks don't have to be thought about too much. Good magic is simple in the minds of the audience. Second, it should not look like the magician just went out and bought a fancy prop that does all the work. Not to say that there is anything wrong with a fancy self working trick, only the audience should believe that the magician is the one who caused the magic to happen. A magic trick shouldn't leave the audience thinking that if they had $10,000, they could go out and buy all the illusions and be just as good the magician.

Just remember, keep your magic tricks simple and your audience will thank you.