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Throwing Cards Very Far


I wouldn't say "very far" if I didn't mean VERY far.

**WARNING**...you can put out someone's eye with this trick. Don't ever throw cards at a person using this technique. (Except in self defense of course).

I accidently cut a guy right between the eyes by throwing a card at him as he walked in the room. (He had a cut there for about a week) Don't ask me how, but we have thrown cards and they have stuck, punched holes in, and flown over everything from verticle blinds, to a drywall, to ceilings, to smoke alarms, over buildings, and through newspapers. Fun, fun, fun! I threw a card so hard it stuck in the latex paint of a cinder-block wall! I tried for months to duplicate sticking it in the wall, but to no avail!


As they say when you're shooting a basketball, "It's all in the wrist." And it is. New cards also work the best. Get high quality cards such as Bicycle Brand playing cards for this.

Learn Magic Tricks

Hold the card you want to throw between your index and first fingers. Grip it between your first knuckle right after your fingernail. The rest of the card should come into your hand and be touching the palm of your hand.

Bring your wrist back toward you as far as possible, like to you neck. This will also bend your elbow. Did I mention that it is all in the elbow too?

Learn Magic Tricks

From here, throw the card kind of like a frisbee.

The elbow is where your distance is going to come from, but the spin you put on your card with your wrist is going to act like a gyroscope and keep the card fairly straight. (Although these last two pictures are similiar, you can see the card is starting to spin right before the release.)

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Just throw it. Get a deck of cards and throw every one of them, go pick them all up, and try again. You will get the hang of it after just a couple of minutes. Now, the first cards you throw, you may not get enough spin on them, and the cards will just flutter to the ground. Don't worry, with a little practice you'll have this card stunt perfected!

If outside, throw with the wind, but throwing cards inside helps the most. A desolate multi-level shopping mall would be ideal.

Also, thicker cards such as Magic the Gathering or Pokemon cards work pretty well here too. Why not have a card throwing contest with your friends! You could learn how to do this secretly, then just "happen" to think of it as a good challenge or bar bet.